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Release Notes

Version 10.0.5 - June 14, 2007

ZipMail for Gmail now compatible with Windows Vista

Version 9.2.0 - July 17, 2006

ZipMail for Gmail now includes an option to create Secured Notes

A new button has been added to the attached file selection dialog, enabling to write and attach a secured note to your message:

Clicking this button launches the ZipMail Secured Notes Editor (that can be configured to produce Plain Text (.txt) or Rich Text (.doc) files. Once your text is entered in the editor, you enter a password and then click Save. Your text is automatically saved into a .txt or .doc file compressed into a Zip file that is secured with the provided password and attached to your message.
All this in one single click on Save.

More information and screen shots of the ZipMail Secured Notes Editor can be found in the page about ZipMail Secured Notes.

To upgrade your installed version of ZipMail for Gmail, simply download an evaluation copy and install it on your computer over the installed version.

Version 9.1.3 - June 10, 2006

First commercial version of ZipMail for Gmail.

List of Features:

Transparent and automatic Zip compression of the Gmail attached files. A compression check box at the bottom right corner of the Gmail attached file selection dialog enables to switch the Zip compression On or Off (Zip Compression is switched On by default)

Zip Password protection + encryption (a password text box is added at the bottom of the Gmail attached file selection dialog. Simply enter a password when needed.

Transparent and automatic decompression of the Gmail Zip attached files.

Transparent and automatic decryption + decompression of the Gmail password protected Zip attached files (ZipMail will ask you to enter the password of the file).

Multi-selection of files to attach (all of the selected files are compressed into a single Zip file that is attached to the Gmail message. (This really helps when you need to attach multiple files, since Gmail only allows the selection of one single file at a time).

Additional button in upper right corner of the attached file selection dialog enabling to write a text note and to password protect + encrypt this note into a Zip file that is automatically attached to your message.

Persistency of the attached file selection dialog listview settings.

ZipMail is delivered in an MSI package packed in a single EXE package. This package is signed by MK Net.Work.

Why the first commercial version is 9.1.3 and not 1.0?

In fact, ZipMail for Gmail is built on a common code layer used for our already existing products ZipMail for Outlook Web Access and ZipMail for Lotus iNotes/Domino Web Access, respectively the Webmails of Microsoft (included in the Microsoft Exchange server) and IBM Lotus (included in the IBM Lotus Domino server).
The version numbering of the products based on this common code layer follows the version number of this code layer.
This code layer is used in ZipMail for Outlook Web Access and ZipMail for Lotus iNotes/Domino Web Access (including with the first Domino server pre-iNotes Webmail version) for more than 3 years.