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Free unZip utility

Free, small, powerful and easy to use Zip decompression program

ZipMail for Gmail (as well as all of the other versions of ZipMail) includes transparent decompression of ZIP attached files. So if your recipients have ZipMail installed they do not need anything else in order to decompress the Zip attached files you sent to them.

If they don't, other options are:

The Windows (from Windows XP) built-in ZipFolders utility shows ZIP files as folders and the files compressed into a ZIP file as standard files than can be opened, copied etc. by using the standard Windows Explorer features.

Since ZipMail compresses files using the industry-standard ZIP compression algorithm, ZIP compression tools like WinZip, PKZip etc. can decompress ZIP files produced by ZipMail.

We also provide our own free Zip decompression utility named unZIP that can be downloaded from this page.

UnZIP can instantly decompress any Zip compressed file, (including password-protected and AES encrypted Zip files, provided you know their password) by using this simple and powerful user interface:

New: unZIP version 3.1.53

Decryption-Decompression of AES encrypted files:

UnZIP can now Decrypt and decompress password protected AES (AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256) encrypted Zip files.

Extensive drag and drop support:

UnZIP 3.1 now supports dragging and dropping of the compressed files listed in the compressed file list to the treeview in the right part of the unZIP windows or directly to the Windows Explorer.

Multilanguage support:

UnZIP 3.1 now includes built-in support for the English, French, German and Spanish languages (see the unZIP Options)

Persistency options:

unZIP 3.1 can now remember the size and position of its window and the last decompression folder (see the unZIP Options)


Please read carefully the unZIP license agreement below and the QUESTIONS AND ANSWER section in this page (including quick setup instructions) before to download unZIP.
You will find the unZIP download link at the bottom of this page.

UnZIP License Agreement

You can download unZIP from this page and use unZIP for your personal use for free.
In any case, the unZIP program cannot be sold by any third parties and remains the exclusive property of MK Net.Work who grants you with the right to use it for your personal use (at home and at the office) and for free.
You are not authorized to distribute or send copies of unZIP, neither inside your company neither to any other people without an agreement from MK Net.Work S.A.
To obtain such an agreement, please contact us.

Would you like to share unZIP with other persons, please send them this link:

For corporate use at companies and organizations not having acquired a license of ZipMail, the unZIP license has a cost, please contact us for more information.

Although unZIP comes with no warranties whatsoever, we are committed to keep this utility bug-free and as easy to use as possible. Please send any problem reports and suggestions to: Support

Clicking the unZIP download link means that you agree with the above unZIP license agreement.



How to install unZIP on my computer?

Simply run unZIP to install it on your computer.
UnZip will copy itself to the Windows directory (a single 263 Kbytes EXE file).
Then, each time you double-click on a Zip file, it will be opened by unZIP.

To the attention of Windows Vista and Windows 7 users:
Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, depending on the UAC (User Account Control) settings, you may encounter this error when installing unZIP on your computer:

In this case, simply download unZIP into one of your folders and once downloaded OK, do a righ-click - "Run as administrator" on the unZip.exe file icon in order to install it.


Does unZIP have a graphical user interface?

Yes, see the screen capture hereafter.
The unZIP window can be resized.
UnZIP supports dragging and dropping of the compressed files listed in the compressed file list to the treeview in the right part of the unZIP windows or directly to the Windows Explorer.
Clicking on the "View" button enables you to decompress and open the selected compressed file (in the compressed file list) in its associated application.


Can I compress files by using unZIP?

No, unZIP is only a small decompression program for people not having any decompression program installed.
It enables them to expand Zip files attached to their emails or stored on their hard drives at no cost.

If you need  a more sophisticated Zip-unZip application, have a look at our ZipAgent software.

Windows XP users can Zip files using the standard Window XP Zip Folders feature (Right-click + send to / compressed (Zipped) Folder).


Is unZIP able to decompress password-protected Zip files? including AES encrypted files?

Yes, unZIP will ask for a password in you double-click on a password-protected Zip file.
UnZIP can also decompress AES (AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256) encrypted password protected Zip files.


Which are the supported operating systems for unZIP?

Any version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows Vista and Windows 7, including server versions of Windows!


What is the size of unZIP?

UnZIP is a single 263 Kbytes EXE file!


Does unZIP send any information to MK Net.Work?

No! unZIP has absolutely no communication features.


How to uninstall unZIP?

Installing another compression/decompression software will overwrite the Zip association.

Else, to remove the Zip association:

  • Launch your Windows Explorer.
  • Select the "Tools/Folder Options" menu then the "File types" tab.
  • Select the Zip Extension and click on "Remove".

Then, optionally remove unZIP.EXE from your Windows directory.


Can I send the unZIP program to my colleagues and friends?

No, you are not allowed to do it (see the unZIP License Agreement above).
But you can send them this link:


Is unZIP available in other languages than English?

In fact unZIP includes the support of the English, French, German and Spanish languages.
By default, unZIP configures itself to match the language of Windows. It the language of Windows is not in the list of the supported languages, unZIP configures itself in English.
Would you want to configure unZIP to use one of the supported languages listed above, simply click on the "Options" button in the unZIP main window and select your preferred language:


How can I obtain my free copy of unZIP?

Simply use this download link: 
Download unZIP