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To Corporate Email Administrators

You may think that ZipMail for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are of no use for your corporate users.

In this case, you should read this very interesting (and frightening) study provided by Reconnex:
Reconnex 2005 Insider Threat Index

The following lines are quoted from this Reconnex study:

“Most corporations today have a zero-tolerance policy for the use of Webmail and IM at work for two reasons. First, while the majority of corporations monitored email, few had the ability to monitor Webmail. Knowing this, many employees use Webmail to “sneak” information out of the enterprise. Second, Webmail sites often offer organizations no protection in case of data theft; and the “Terms of Service” disclaim all warranties for any losses related to data stored on these sites. The terminology used on some Webmail hosting sites may even give them the right to use any data uploaded by users. Thus when employees send any company confidential or sensitive documents via Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail or AOL, they are placing unencrypted confidential information at risk on public servers not hosted by their corporation. Often, they are placing the competitive advantage and intellectual property of their enterprise in serious jeopardy.”

“83 percent of companies evaluated in 2005 had people inside the corporation using Webmail to get information outside the corporate firewall.”

“Worse, at 28 percent of the companies assessed, employees were sending Webmails that included attachments—a leading indicator that sensitive information was being transferred out of the corporation.”

“Despite the severity of the risk, the motivation for breaking a company’s Webmail policy is often innocent. In 2005, Reconnex found corporations that set limits on the size of email attachments were unknowing encouraging employees to use Webmail to send out large attachments in an effort to get their jobs done.”

“83% of corporations monitored had the presence of Webmail against their internal use policies.”


Our ZipMail for Webmails Pro software can be configured to work with multiple Webmails (public Webmails like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and other as well as corporate Webmails like Microsoft Outlook Web Access, IBM Lotus iNotes / Domino Web Access and others), and to force the encryption of attached files (including reinforcement of password rules increasing the strength of the passwords entered by the users).

By installing ZipMail for Webmails Pro on all of the computers of your company (we can provide automatic setup packages), you can have all of the attached files sent by your users via Webmails encrypted and password protected, reducing the risk of placing unencrypted confidential information at risk on public servers not hosted by your corporation.

ZipMail for Webmails Pro evaluation copy is pre-configured to work with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail (you can configure ZipMail for Webmails Pro to work with as many other public or corporate Webmails as you need) and can be configured to force the encryption of attached files.

You can download an evaluation copy of ZipMail for Webmails Pro from this link:
ZipMail for WebMails Pro Evaluation copy

If you have less than 100 users, you can purchase ZipMail for Webmails Pro online.

Else, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a price quote and additional technical information.
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